Leadership Essentials for People Managers

  • Location: Anywhere in the world as required
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Contact: simon@robertsonconsulting.co.uk

This leadership course requires two days to complete. It is essentially a journey of self-discovery which cannot be rushed. The focus is on people management, communication, and change management.

The extent to which the course impacts the individuals attending depends on three key variables:

  • Availability to focus for two days without distractions
  • Commitment to apply the course content to themselves
  • Individual openness to change and transparency

Subjects covered include:

  • Understanding Leadership and Management
  • Communication – connecting with others to deliver value
  • What metrics do we need for people managers?
  • How we make team work?
  • How we motivate people
  • How can we manage time?
  • How do we cope with stress and multiple changes?
  • How do we manage conflict?
  • How do we keep our best people?
  • How do we do succession planning?

If this course interests you please go to our Training Portal\Downloads\Leadership Courses page.

Alternatively contact us on simon@robertsonconsulting.co.uk

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