Portfolio Management – aligning deliveries to business needs (OPM Implementation)

  • Location: Anywhere in the world
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Contact: simon@robertsonconsulting.co.uk

Robertson Consulting Ltd is pleased to present one in a series of special 1 Day courses on project management topics for advanced practitioners based on the PMI Practice Guide for Implementing Organisational Project Management.

This course has been written specifically for experienced portfolio or programme managers,  looking for tools and techniques that will assist them with implementing organisational change in portfolio, programme and project management in their businesses.

Course audience: Portfolio managers, Programme Managers, Account Managers, Senior Business Managers, Senior Project Managers, Senior Supplier Managers, and Senior PMO managers.

OPM Implementation Framework

The course content covers the following topics:

  1. How to prepare for an OPM implementation
    • Assess Readiness
    • Form the Implementation Team
  2. How to Implement and Improve OPM
    • Discovery & Analysis
    • Implementation Roadmap
    • Implementation
    • Continuous improvement
  3. How to Implement the Core-Enabling Processes
    • Strategic Alignment
    • Organisational Project Management Methodology
    • Governance
    • Competency Management
  4. How to develop a Tailored Organisational Project Management Methodology
    • Developing the methodology
    • Identifying types of projects, necessary inputs, constraints, and resources
    • Develop and document the methodology
    • Derive output
    • Conduct Continuous Improvement
    • Monitor Key Performance Indicators
    • Repeat for each of the types of projects

For details on course content, or if you have specific requirements, please contact Simon Robertson on simon@robertsonconsulting.co.uk

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