Special Interest

Skills Transfer to Educators

The PMI Educational Foundation has provided funding for a UK tailored “Project Management Skills for Youth” programme which ran successfully as a pilot in Hampshire in 2011-2013. The Pilot was managed by Simon Robertson with support from the PMIEF and PMI UK Chapter.

The aim was to:
  • Provide individual students with critical life skills which will benefit them in their subsequent careers.
  • Provide teachers, schools and other educational establishments with a standardized and scalable project approach to school assignments which will develop an additional curriculum selling point for potential parents/scholars.
  • Provide schools and educational establishments with a means of gaining additional credits to assist them grow and develop as educational centres.
    There was therefore a compelling reason to make strong links between this initiative and the Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills Framework within the current schools UK National Curriculum in England and Wales.
    Robertson Consulting Ltd is actively working with educational establishments to encourage Project Management skills adoption at all age levels. Special rates apply.

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